Tianna Peller, PhD Candidate

McGill University

I’m interested in food-web and spatial ecology and how conservations strategies can be developed to protect the processes that are integral to the functioning of ecosystems. Prior to beginning my PhD research with CHONe, I worked on research and conservation projects in Canada and abroad.

Supervisor: Dr. Frédéric Guichard

Institution: McGill University, Department of Biology

Start to Finish: 09/2016 to 09/2020

CHONe Project: 1.1.1: Optimization of MPA selection based on spatial connectivity and on metapopulation and metacommunity dynamics

Project Title: Extending meta-ecosystem theory to marine conservation: Integrating multi-scale ecosystem connectivity into the design of marine protected area networks

Project Description: Our oceans contain a diverse array of ecosystems, which commonly interact with one another through the movement of materials (eg. through migrations of organisms, exports of organic matter from productive coastal habitats, etc.). My research explores how these material exchanges influence the dynamics and functioning of marine ecosystems and how these connections can be integrated into the design of marine protected area networks.