Samantha Andrews, PhD Candidate

Memorial University of Newfoundland, Biology

Originally from Jersey (Channel Islands), I have studied ecology, conservation, and fisheries management in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.  As well as having research interests in marine spatial ecology and spatial management measures for conservation, I am an active marine science communicator.

Supervisor(s): Marie-Josee Fortin (University of Toronto) & Shawn Leroux (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Start to Finish: 09/2016 to 09/2021

CHONe Project: 1.1.1: Optimization of MPA selection based on spatial connectivity and on metapopulation and metacommunity dynamics

Project Title: MPA selection based on network connectivity in Atlantic Canada

Project Description:

Appropriate spacing of reserves in an MPA network will maintain critical connectivity pathways, leading to increased population sizes and propagule export, and supporting persistence and the maintenance of regional ecological integrity. This study will develop a framework to optimize MPA selection by investigating a two-step prioritizing design: first ensure regional marine connectivity over the entire range of key commercial species based on a stepping-stone hub to maintain regional connectivity; and, second, ensure metapopulation resilience and metacommunity persistence using nearby smaller MPAs within species dispersal abilities.

Whilst I will be focusing on Atlantic Canada, the project also involves Tianna Peller who will focusing on the Pacific coast, and a post-doctoral researcher (TBA).  The research will contribute to our understanding of the ecological and conservation benefits of MPA network design for informed and effective ocean management.