Philippe Archambault,

Université Laval

The interest of Phil is in the relationship between environmental and anthropogenic disturbances and how this modify biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. His research on ecological disturbances has been performed in the Canadian Arctic, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and overseas from the intertidal zone to the deep sea. Phil serves on many national and international steering and scientific advisory committees (Canadian Healthy Ocean Network (CHONe I, II, ANIMIDA III, Quebec-Océan, Ressources aquatiques Québec, and the Benthic Expert Group of Circumpolar Marine Biodiversity program, CSSF). He is presently the Director of the Innovation Network ‘Notre Golfe’ that is a multisectorial network on the socioecological environment of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. He is the president of the 4th World Congress of Marine Biodiversity, in 2018 in Montreal.

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