Natalie Ban,

School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria

Dr. Natalie Ban is an Assistant Professor at the University of Victoria’s School of Environmental Studies. Having obtained her PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies at the UBC Fisheries Centre, and Master’s in Geography at McGill University, her interdisciplinary research seeks to identify options for management and conservation of marine biodiversity whilst respecting people’s needs. Her research program is motivated by a desire to examine the intricate ties between people and the environment (ethnoecology) in coastal and marine systems, and implications of human uses for biodiversity conservation and sustainability. Her interdisciplinary research investigates social and ecological themes to understand how social-ecological systems function – and, in turn, how stewardship can be improved for a better future for people and biodiversity. Thus much of Dr Ban’s research involves partnerships with communities, organizations and governments, in addition to academic collaborations. Dr Ban’s research contributes to many field of inquiry, including: conservation biology, ethnoecology, environmental science, geography, ecology, conservation planning, and resource management. She employ multiple methods in her research, selected to best address the question at hand, ranging from meta-analyses, geographic information systems, ecological surveys, to interviews and qualitative research. Dr Ban’s work takes place across the world (Canada, Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, the high seas), but most of her current research focuses at home in British Columbia, Canada.

Natalie Ban

Areas of Expertise

  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Marine Conservation Planning
  • Social-Ecological Systems
  • Indigenous Knowledge in Conservation Planning
  • Conservation Biology


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