Nadine Templeman,

Science Advisor, Environment and Biodiversity Science, DFO Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre, St. John's/Ottawa

Nadine Templeman (B. Sc. (Biology); M. Env. Sci.) is a National Science Advisor with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Employed with DFO since 1998 (first as a student of Memorial University of Newfoundland), she has held various roles in the field, laboratory and office, including those related to environmental toxicology, aquatic habitat, aquaculture science, and the coordination and provision of science advice. Her current area of practical expertise lies in ocean health and marine conservation – with over 10 years of leadership experience gained across both the science and management interfaces of related programs within the Department. During this time Nadine has played a key role in many DFO advancements towards an ecosystem approach, including: guiding the development of ecosystem overviews, the identification of significant areas and species, the provision of conservation objectives, the development of integrated ocean and coastal management plans, and the advancement of marine protected areas establishment and marine protected areas network planning. Outside of the domestic front, Nadine also participates in two ICES Working groups related to integrated ecosystem assessment for the North Atlantic and the Central Arctic Ocean (WGNARS and WGICA); and contributes regularly to the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) Working Group on Arctic Marine Protected Area Networks.

Nadine assumed the role of scientific liaison between DFO and CHONe early in CHONe II planning (2014) – and continues to work in this capacity to foster the partnership between government and academia and to guide maximal benefits of CHONe II research across the science-policy interface.

Nadine Templeman