Megan Bailey,

Marine Affairs Program, Dalhousie University

Megan grew up in London Ontario, completing her bachelors degree in Zoology at Western University. She then attended the Fisheries Centre at UBC to pursue graduate school, completing a Masters and Doctorate under the supervision of Dr. Rashid Sumaila. Megan’s PhD focused on solutions to global tuna governance through the lens of game theory and economics. Upon receiving her doctorate, Megan spent three years at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, contributing to the work of the Environmental Policy Group.  Megan currently studies the extent to which public and private fisheries governance approaches combine to contribute to sustainable fisheries production and consumption practices. She focuses specifically on transboundary species like tuna, and on market-based mechanisms like direct marketing and eco-labeling. She also works to understand how governance structures and public policy between countries like Canada and the US can facilitate improved fisheries management in light of climate change.

Megan Bailey

Areas of Expertise

  • Cooperative Management of Shared Fish Stocks
  • Traceability and Informational Governance
  • Seafood Global Value Chain Governance
  • Food Security and Fisheries
  • Market-Based Conservation
  • Indonesian Tuna Fisheries
  • Western and Central Pacific Ocean Tuna Governance
  • Fair Trade Fish


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