Jean-Luc Shaw, MSc Candidate

Université du Québec à Rimouski

Bio:  Having emphasized a numerical approach to problem solving near the end of my bachelor of physics degree at University of Montreal, physical oceanography seemed an appealing field in which to continue my education. Since I have started my MSc at ISMER, I have also found that it was great hub for expanding my interest to tangent fields of study through field campaings and collaborations with other students. Wether it is collect and identify benthic samples or use canoes to deploy instruments on winter sea ice I am always keen on building the variety of my work experience. Currently, my masters project holds my focus near the modeling of coastal geophysical flow at fine scales.

Supervisor(s): Daniel Bourgault

Institution: Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR), Département d’océanographie (ISMER)

Start to Finish: 09/2016 to 09/2018

CHONe Project: 2.1.2. Indicators at the bay-scale: Coastal stressors and macrobenthic community structure

Project Title: Hydrodynamics of the bay of Sept-Îles

Project Description:

Hydrodynamics of the bay of Sept-Îles will be studied using the numerical flow model Delft3D along with hydrological observations collected during several field campaigns conducted during the spring, summer and fall of 2017.

The specific project/thesis aims are:

  1. Deliver a fine scale hydrodynamic model for the study area
  2. Develop understanding of flow patterns and their variability
  3. Identify residence times for water in the study area
  4. Identify accumulation zones for the study area

In time this project, along with this others will contribute to the development of an ecological indicator for the bay of Sept-Îles. The work done for this project will thus help to understand how different anthrophological stressors affect benthic and pelagic communities in coastal subarctic ecosystems.