Elliot Dreujou, PhD Candidate

Université du Québec à Rimouski, Institut des Sciences de la Mer

I was born in France, where I lived in Brittany and Paris. I obtained a MSc in oceanography and marine ecology at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris. I am particularly interested in the diversity of algae and invertebrates, and their link with the habitat in ecosystems.

Supervisors: Dr. Philippe Archambault (UQAR/ISMER) and Dr. Chris McKindsey (MPO)

Start to Finish: 09/2015 to 12/2019

CHONe Project: 2.1.2: To evaluate and model how natural and anthropogenic stressors interact to impact pelagic and benthic communities along a sub-arctic coastline and develop bay-scale condition indicators

Project Title: Cumulative impacts of anthropogenic and natural stressors on ecosystems: high resolution assessment and development of environmental indicators (anticipated)

Project Description:

My project aims to characterize the macro-faunal communities of Sept-Îles Bay, and to study the impacts of multiple anthropogenic and natural stressors on them. First I will produce a map of the local distribution of these stressors, then I will relate it to the distribution of the present endofauna, epifauna and macroflora. Finally, I will use these results to develop indices and models to test the good ecosystem status of the ecosystems and the effects of multiple stressors on the communities at the bay-scale.

This project links to CHONe II objectives through the study of the bay’s ‘health’, the effects of cumulative impacts on ecosystems and the creation/adaptation of environmental indices at the bay-scale specific to Canadian ecosystems.