Chris McKindsey,


Dr. Chris McKindsey is a Research Scientist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada at Institut Maurice-Lamontagne (Demersal and Benthic Sciences Section) in Mont-Joli, Quebec, and adjunct professor at Institut des Sciences de la Mer de Rimouski (ISMER) in Rimouski and Université Laval in Quebec City. After finishing his MSc in parasitology at Concordia University and a Ph.D. in Coastal Ecology at Université Laval, he did postdoctoral studies in Coastal Ecology and Impact Assessment at the University of Sydney, Australia. Today, Chris’ work focuses largely on anthropogenic stressors in coastal areas, with a focus on aquaculture-environment interactions, aquatic invasive species, and habitat-community relationships. His interdisciplinary research involves partners from various levels of government, academia, various organizations, and industry partners. He uses observational, manipulative, and laboratory studies with a strong emphasis on complex field experiments, the results of which lead to the provision of science advice for coastal zone management. He has ongoing collaborations on all Canadian coasts as well as in Europe and Tahiti but most of his work is focused on issues on the Atlantic coast of Canada.

Chris McKindsey

Areas of Expertise

  • Coastal/Benthic Ecology
  • Aquaculture-Environment Interactions
  • Aquatic Invasive Species


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