4th WCMB Participant Summary


The 4th World Conference on Marine Biodiversity (WCMB) took place in Montreal, QC, from May 13-16, 2018. Over 600 participants from over 50 countries attended the WCMB 2018; these conference attendees included scientists, managers, policy makers and leading specialists in the field. The event featured three keynote speakers, nearly 400 contributed talks, 66 posters, and two alternate presentations (poetry and dance).

CHONe was pleased to support WCMB 2018! Over 30 CHONe researchers and students attended and shared their research with conference participants. Check out testimonials from students/postdocs below.

The event included plenary sessions, individual topic sessions, and poster presentations. It also included the ‘Sustainable Oceans Dialogue’ where different researchers from around the world were asked to comment on key questions in the field of marine biodiversity. The event was diverse and interesting.” – Myriam Lacharite, Postdoc, Nova Scotia Community College

I received valuable feedback and questions from the audience after my talk. This will help to improve my research and also my presenting skills. In addition, I connected with CHONe colleagues that are doing very similar research and are at different stages in their careers. I discussed my research with these people and received valuable advice on how I can improve my work. I would recommend it to any of my fellow academics at UBC. I was impressed with the wide-range of subjects covered at this conference – form pure to applied ecology. I would also recommend it to scientists working in industry whose projects may involve managing marine biodiversity.” – John Cristiani, PhD student, University of British Columbia

The networking and mentorship program were great for providing ideas and useful connections on topics relevant to my CHONe research project (e.g. conservation, image analysis, modeling, deep-sea research, MPA designation, and MPA monitoring). This included learning about new methodology and making connections within DFO and broader science community.” – Sarah de Mendonça, PhD Student, Dalhousie University

WCMB allowed me to get a more global view of the marine biodiversity research that is happening and how my own research fits in and can contribute. I had very constructive feedback on the work I presented which will allow me to improve the quality of my work. The participation in the mentoring program was also very constructive as it allowed to work further on my critical thinking and communication skills. Finally, I met other scientists whose skills and interests are complimentary to mine and with whom I will am planning to collaborate with for my PhD research.” – Xavier Mouy, PhD student, University of Victoria

I had the opportunity to connect with research scientists from various sectors and gain a better grasp on biodiversity research being done worldwide.I would recommend this conference to any scientist who is looking to make new connections and learn about the wide range of marine biodiversity research that is going on around the world.” – Emily Adamczyk, PhD Student, University of British Columbia

5th WCMB Announcement

The organizing committee recently announced the 5th WCMB! The University of Auckland will be host WCMB 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand from December 13-16, 2020. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to the 5th WCMB mailing list.