WCMB Feature: Sarah de Mendonça, MSc student, Dalhousie University

Sarah de Mendonça is presenting her research at the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity on Tuesday, May 15.

Sarah’s research incorporates spatial analyses into the conservation and monitoring of deep-sea megafauna in the Northwest Atlantic. “I will examine spatial structure, species associations, environmental attributes, as well as species distribution modeling; to provide a broader understanding of deep-sea ecosystems, as well as monitoring recommendations,” said Sarah.

During WCMB, Sarah is looking forward to learning about international research from conference participants and sharing her research. “My main objectives for attending WCMB are to introduce my research to a wider audience, and to network with other attendees to foster future collaborations. I am looking to expand my knowledge and to reflect on the different approaches that may be used to preserve and promote biodiversity,” said Sarah.

In addition to presenting her research, Sarah is also participating in the mentoring program as a theme leader for the “Strategies for conservation of marine biodiversity” theme. “My role has included working to ensure effective communication between the group members and explaining pre-conference tasks. I also intend to participate in upcoming theme discussions, such as outlining the accomplishments made toward the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and prioritizing future research strategies,” said Sarah.