Callum Mireault, MSc Student, Memorial University

Callum Mireault is presenting his research and at the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity on Monday, May 14.

Callum’s research focuses on high-resolution species distribution modeling of two vulnerable species within a proposed coastal conservation area in New Brunswick. Using data from high quality optical imagery surveys and high resolution environmental data sets, he aims to provide detailed estimates of where my target species can be found for future conservation purposes.

During the conference, Callum is looking forward to sharing his research and connecting with others. “I will present the results of the past two years of my masters work to hopefully provide a baseline or at least a source of reference for other researchers interested in conducting detailed underwater imagery surveys. WCMB provides a venue to present my findings and to hopefully inspire others to conduct similar types of surveys using underwater camera systems to obtain quantitative information on species that exist in the ocean in key conservation areas.” Callum also plans to connect with other researchers who are interested in similar fields in order to create a network of like minded individuals.

“I am looking forward to the incredible variety of topics being held at the conference and of course for the wonderful hospitality and experiences that Montreal provides,” shared Callum.