Beatrice Proudfoot, MSc Student, Memorial University

Beatrice Proudfoot is presenting her research at the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity on Monday, May 14.

Beatrice’s research combines fine scale seafloor mapping with elements of landscape ecology, such as habitat fragmentation and connectivity metrics, to develop a method for incorporating landscape pattern analysis into marine conservation planning.

Beatrice is also participating in the Mentoring Program and is looking forward to connecting with others. “Attending the WCMB will support the expansion of my growing research network, facilitate potential collaborations and provide the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas in both formal and informal discussions. The multidisciplinary nature of the WCMB is very exciting as my own research spans the fields of benthic habitat mapping, marine spatial ecology, conservation planning and Marine Protected Area design. I anticipate many fruitful and inspiring discussions with fellow researchers both during and after the conference. This opportunity will also offer exposure to new methods and technology and further cultivate my career and professional skills,” said Beatrice.