CHONe Student/Postdoc Video Features

To celebrate World Oceans Day (June 8th), we launched our Student/Postdoc video interview series to showcase CHONe research from coast-to-coast in Canada!

Feature 1

The first video in our series features Arieanna Balbar, MSc Student, Dalhousie University (CHONe Project: MPAs and Connectivity). Arieanna is investigating the use of population connectivity in the design of Marine Protected Area Networks.

Feature 2

Video 2 features Charlotte Carrier-Belleau, MSc Student, Université Laval (CHONe Project 2.1.2 (Coastal Stressors). Charlotte’s research focuses on the impact of the interaction of multiple stressors on macrobenthic communities.

Feature 3

Video 3 features Grace Murphy, Postdoc, Dalhousie University (CHONe Project: Plant-based ecosystems). Grace’s research project is studying seagrass ecosystems along the coast of Atlantic Canada.

Stay tuned for more student/postdoc video features and check back for updates!