CHONe II Photo Challenge

The CHONe Photo Challenge, a CHONe II student-led initiative, encourages network members to share their research photos on Twitter. As you’re sailing on, swimming in, or scouring the coasts of Canada’s Oceans during the field work season, think about sharing your experience with others.

Use the hashtag #CanOceans and mention @CanHealthyOceans to ensure we collect all entries. You can also e-mail your entries to [email protected] and CHONe will share on your behalf.

We look forward to hearing from you!

IMPORTANT (Terms, Conditions, Rules)

  • Please be advised that CHONe has the right to use all submitted photos and screen names in future promotional materials. CHONe will give appropriate acknowledgement when using the photos for CHONe promotional purposes.
  • Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the individual to include an identifier and/or attributor on respective photo(s) if they wish to do so.
    • It is recommended that you follow-up with your respective institution to discuss options if you have any questions/concerns.
  • Ensure you always follow The Twitter Rules.